Meaning of Service

Most estate agents see their role solely as a “purveyor of buyers”, and they understandably pride themselves on their ability to find the right buyer for a property and to negotiate attractive terms for the seller.

But estate agency has moved on. Indeed, finding a buyer is arguably one of the most straightforward aspects of selling a property. Wise sellers now seek other attributes in their estate agent.

We all know how emotionally traumatic a house move can be. Yet many agents fail to recognise their ability to reduce this overall burden by becoming thoroughly involved not only in the actual sale of an individual property, but also in the move as a whole. We feel this provides a great opportunity for the service-focused agent to deliver a level of customer service that really makes a difference. A service based on empathy. In other words, “seeing the world though the eyes of the buyer/seller”. With this vision, agents can then anticipate and proactively respond to the very real needs of the house-moving public.

An example of an obvious contribution that agents can make is a hands-on approach to any related property transactions, rather than blaming solicitors for any delay. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link, yet many agents sit back and wait once a sale is agreed. Madness! 

But smaller things make a difference as well. For example, most agents don’t quote a Home Report value band on their details and simply list the asking price , which is meaningless to most buyers. Most agents, on moving day simply hand over the key. We   help them with their utilities transfer, removal practicalities, and a host of other immediate needs. We’re also happy to hold your key securely thereafter – just in case you ever lock yourself out! 

And of course, if at any time you have a query, concern or question then just ask to be put through to our Managing Director Alan Burke who’ll be happy to take your call personally.